Validate Your Booking Reference Number (APRR)

Validate a your Booking reference or APRR; you would have received an assessment or demand notice from the Board of Internal Revenue or from any of the authorized partners.. Verification service could be used to show that the amount and information contained in your Demand Notice is authentic and that the APRR is not fake. To authenticate your APRR or Booking reference please use the button below:

Validate APRR

What is an APRR?

APRR stands for Abia State Payment Retrieval Reference. This is an electronic code that is used to retrieve your Demand Notice. It is used by the bank or collection agent/service to allow you access the Revenue Codes; Amount; Tax Year and ATIN that you are paying for. Once a payment is made on an APRR; it cannot be paid again. This helps transparency and accountability as well as introduces ease of payment to tax payers. An APRR is typically paid once. To request for an APRR to be paid in instalments or in an agreed payment plan; please email or visit any of the listed board of internal revenue offices.

Pay APRR Online